Vaccination Policy

Cheder Chabad of Baltimore is a licensed childcare facility ages 6 weeks-5 years. We are required by the Office of Childcare through MSDE that all children must be fully vaccinated  as per DHMH COMAR 13A.15.03.02 to be able to attend our program.

The following policies are based on instructions received from the OCC and Cheder’s medical consultants

What do I do if my child is currently behind on the vaccinations or when I am applying for the first time?

If a child is behind on their vaccinations, a doctor may submit a schedule based on the child’s vaccine delays. 

A child may not attend school if no vaccines are given.

  • If there is a bonafide medical need to delay vaccines, parents must submit an official letter from their doctor detailing the medical need for the delay.  This letter will then be submitted to the Cheder medical consultants for review and approval.  Waivers will only be accepted if they are approved by Cheder’s medical consultants

How does Cheder handle delayed vaccine schedules?

  • If a child only has the first dose of all age-appropriate vaccines, the child may attend school as long as the child has submitted a schedule on an official letter from the child’s doctor.  The schedule must be submitted and approved before the child joins the program.
  • Once the schedule is approved, it may not be modified.   It is the parents’ responsibility to adhere to the schedule and not the school's responsibility to remind parents of their obligations. 
  • If a child is unwell and not able to receive their scheduled vaccine the child must receive the vaccine before returning to school.
  • Children will be required to be fully up to date with their vaccines before entering kindergarten.  Each vaccine may be scheduled at a maximum of 3 months apart as long as this allows the child to be fully up to date before entering kindergarten. 

Once a child is 4 years old, vaccines may need to be scheduled every 6 weeks to ensure         the child is fully caught up before entering kindergarten.

Cheder does not accept religious exemptions. All new students must be fully immunized to join Cheder.  Medical exemptions will be reviewed and approved by Cheder’s medical consultants.

What happens in the event of a breakout?

All children without appropriate vaccinations including delayed scheduled and medical waivers may not attend school during a breakout and will not be able to return unless they are fully vaccinated, or the health department confirms the breakout is over.

Before the school year begins, parents who have submitted a schedule for their child(ren) will be required to sign a form that they agree to the above guidelines and are committed to following the vaccine schedule that was submitted.