Judaic Curriculum: 

At Cheder Chabad, our Talmidim receive a wholesome, Chassidishe Chinuch in a safe and supportive environment. Our focus is on the whole child, and we seek to guide each student in developing his maximum potential על פי דרכו. We strive to ensure that every child feels happy coming to Cheder and that his needs are being met emotionally as well as academically. The primary goal of Cheder is to instill in our Talmidim יראת שמים, Chassidishe values, a love for Hashem and a lifelong commitment to Torah and Mitzvos. 

Our Kodesh curriculum begins with Kriah, ensuring that Talmidim have the foundational tools to learn and daven. Kriah teachers offer extra support when needed. Yiddish is introduced and Dikduk is taught. The students progress from Chumash to Mishnayos and then Gemarah with a strong focus on developing the skills they need to become lifelong independent learners. We inspire our students to follow the teachings of the Rebbe and Chassidus, through learning Tanya, Likkutei Sichos and warm Chassidishe Farbrengens throughout the year.


Secular Studies Curriculum:

The goal of General Studies at Cheder is to give children basic standardized educational goals, while keeping it as Chassidish and wholesome as possible. 

Kindergan only starts learning the ABCs after January while phonemic awareness, prewriting skills are and numbers are learned the beginning of the year. 

Boys have two periods of general studies, focusing on math and English. 

Kindergan through 5th grade uses Handwriting Without Tears to learn print and cursive.

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade also use My Views from Savvas Learning to teach other foundational skills in literacy. Grades 3-8 use Mosdos Press books as well as selected novels to study literature.  Grammar and spelling are taught using different materials.

For math, all grades use Jump Math which is a standardized, spiraling curriculum. 

Middle school boys have an elective system instead of regular English class that focuses on different topics in history, science, and life skills that incorporate reading and writing. 

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