New Families: To apply to Cheder Chabad for the first time please click the link below to register for the online portal. Within a few days you should receive an email with your account information to fill out the application. 

Current Families: To apply for the upcoming school year please login to your parent portal by clicking the link below.

As of December 29th, 2022 the preschool classes Gan Alef through Gan Gimmel are all completely full for the upcoming school year.

Admissions Paperwork:

All paperwork is located on the parent portal. Paperwork for the upcoming school will be released at the end of June. All papers must be dated after the release date and must be turned in by August 1st for your child(ren) to start school on the first day. 

Admissions Timeline:

Applications for the following school year open to the public on December 26th. Applications will first open for Cheder staff, followed by current Cheder families, followed by the general public.

All new applicants to the school must submit an up to date vaccination record and the child's Birth Certificate.

Once the application and required documents are received you should receive an email regarding next steps.

All children ages 2 and up will need to have a referral form filled out.

The status of your child(ren)'s applications can be found on your parent portal. 

Mini Gan registration is not finalized until August. Applications are accepted and infants are added to the waitlist. Priority is given to Cheder staff followed by siblings of current Cheder families.

Click here to view our Vaccination Policy

For more information please click here to send us an email.


Fees & Tuition 2022-2023


  • Registration Fee per Family: $200
  • Building Fee per Family: $500 (Gan) or $1,000 (Elem.).
    • If a family has both Gan and Elementary students, the Elementary fee applies.
  • Mini Gan and Mini Gan 2 (6 weeks through 1.5 years) $8,750
  • Gan Aleph (Toddlers): $8,350
  • Gan Beis (2 Year Olds): $7,200
  • Gan Gimmel (3 Year Olds): $7,200
  • Gan Dalet (4 Year Olds): $7,200
  • After Care: $1,750/ child
  • Supplies Fee (Gan Aleph and Up) $75 Per Child

Elementary/Middle School:

  • Registration Fee per Family: $200
  • Building Fee per Family: $500 (Gan) or $1,000 (Elem.)
    • If a family has both Gan and Elementary students, the Elementary fee applies.
  • Boys Elementary (Kindergarten): $9,750
  • Boys Elementary (Grades 1-4): $11,350
  • Boys Elementary (Grades 5): $11,900
  • Boys Middle School (Grades 6 -8)
    (Day extended 1 hour): $13,250
  • Girls Elementary (Kindergarten): $8,100
  • Girls Elementary (Grades 1-5): $9,700
  • Girls Elementary (Grade 6): $10,500
  • Books: $125
  • Synagogue Fee –Grades 6th & up (Boys) Mandatory: $250 Per Student
  • Tzivos Hashem: $50 Per Student
  • Activity Fee Girls K-8, Boys K-5 $50 Per Student.  Boys 6-8 $70 Per Student
  • Bnos Chabad: Girls K-5 $50 Per Student, 6-8 $75 Per Students

State Of Maryland Vouchers
The State of Maryland’s Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Program provides school vouchers for income-eligible families.  Income-eligible families must apply for vouchers before tuition assistance can be provided.

State Of Maryland BOOST program (Kindergarten and Up)
The State of Maryland’s Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today (BOOST) Program provides financial assistance for income-eligible families.  Income-eligible families must apply before tuition assistance can be provided.

Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore (Kindergarten and Up)
Families requesting assistance should apply for the Children’s Scholarship Fund.  CSF provides a $2,000/year allocation for every child in the family from Kindergarten through Elementary School. Families are chosen from the waiting list each year by lottery.

Cheder Chabad’s Financial Aid (Kindergarten and Up)
Cheder Chabad provides financial aid for eligible families. Cheder Chabad’s Financial Aid Application must be submitted to the school with registration, and applications for vouchersChildren’s Scholarship Fund, and Meal forms must be filled out. Additional volunteer hour commitments will also be requested.

Tuition Forms