School Life:

Cheder is special. From its focus on both the inner-spiritual and external-physical beauty of our school, Cheder delivers a love of Yiddishkeit to our students. 


Cheder staff’s dedication to our students and their professional development continues to impress outside consultants to the school. Together, our families and staff make up more than just a school – but a community.

Parent Involvement

From arranging impromptu teacher appreciation gestures throughout the year to sharing their professional talents and hobbies with the students, Cheder parents are a vital part of our school.

As a Chabad school, in addition to the cycle of regular yomim tovim, the Lubavitch yomim tovim are celebrated throughout the year. These special celebrations add to the joy and connection felt by our students to our Chassidishe heritage.

Tzivos Hashem

Cheder Elementary participates in the global Tzivos Hashem program, open only to Chabad Chadarim. From incentive programs to satellite broadcasts, this program engages students on a large scale to motivate greater achievements in their Limudei Kodesh