Leadership Team

  • Rabbi Elchonon Chaikin - CEO
  • Rabbi Ephraim Sorkin - Principal, Boys Department
  • Rabbi Yitzchak Menda M.Ed.- Principal-General Studies
  • Mrs. Rivka Millrod - Principal Girls Department
  • Mrs. Mussie Chaikin - Assoc. Principal Girls Department - Limmudei Kodesh
  • Mrs. Chanie Tennenbaum - Assoc. Principal Girls Department-Secular Studies, Mechaneches - Middle School
  • Mrs. Chanie Raskin - Preschool Director
  • Mrs. Rochel Ceitlin - Assistant Preschool Director

Current Board (Last Updated 2023-06-01)

  • Kushi (Yekusiel) Schusterman - President -  is the Shliach to Harford and Cecil County Maryland. Kushi also runs Chabad Force a support team for shluchim using database software, and is a consultant on process management and fundraising. Kushi has been involved with the Cheder since 2012, focusing on process improvement and collecting accurate information to ensure fiscal responsibility and decision-making. Kushi received his Semicha from Heichel Menachem Machon Chaim.
  • Larry (Eliezer) Ziffer  - Vice-President -  is the CEO of the Charles Crane Family Foundation. Prior to this position, Larry was the CEO of the Center for Jewish Education of Baltimore for 15 years from 2002-2017 and Vice President for Community Development at The Associated from 1994-2002. Larry worked for 25 years as a community planner in Federations in Boston, Detroit and Baltimore. He received his Semicha from Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan and an MSW in Community Organization from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work.
  • Shmuly (Shmuel) Wolosow   - Treasurer -  is a licensed CPA who works with financial statements and tax preparation. Throughout his years working in accounting, he has helped multiple businesses and individuals organize their financials and gain clarity on their financial position. Prior to this position, Shmuly was a 4th and 5th grade teacher in the Shluchim Online School. Shmuly received his Semicha from Rabbi Dovid Shochet, Rav and Mara D’asra in Toronto.
  • Matisyahu Friedman  - Secretary - joined the Meaningful Life Center as COO in 2022. Prior to this position, Matisyahu served as founder and CEO of a Chabad on Campus chapter for 7 years. Matisyahu and his family recently moved to Baltimore. He received his Semicha from the Rabbinical College of America, is a certified Transformational Coach and Marriage and Intimacy Coach, and has a certificate of Advanced Contemporary Jewish Law.
  • Mendy Schapiro directs the Chabad Jewish Senior Network in Baltimore, providing care and support to the elderly Jewish community. He also founded and manages his own e-commerce business and has extensive experience as an administrator for local and international organizations. Prior positions include Director of Operations for Merkos 302 and Assistant Director for YSP (Yeshiva Summer Program) in Morristown, NJ. Rabbi Schapiro holds Semicha from the Rabbinical College of America


  • Rabbi Lazar Krintzman has served as President of the Board for the past two years and will become Immediate Past President and will be an ex-officio board member. Lazar brought keen insights and a leadership presence to the board.

Past Board Members

  • Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, as our Head Shliach, will continue to be a source of inspiration and guidance to the board. 
  • Rabbi Shneur Zalman Marshall will continue to remain an advisor and resource for Cheder on personnel issues. 
  • Rabbi Levi Raichik will continue to assist and advocate for special programs to supplement and enhance our formal education agenda and has assisted in  Information Technology matters.
  • R. Ephey Rosenbloom will be granted the special title of Honorary Board Member, recognizing his extraordinary service to the Board, above and beyond the call of duty, for many years and will continue to be consulted.