What is the Cheder Chabad hot lunch program?

We are a federally Subsidized Hot Lunch Program offering healthy, well-balanced menu includes whole grains and a variety of fruits and vegetables. We encourage your children to build a healthy plate – to fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables, select whole grains, and choose fat free or low-fat milk. We hope that you will also encourage your child to make these healthy eating choices. All food will be Cholov Yisroel/Pas Yisroel and delivered daily by our food provider. 

How often will hot lunch be served? 

Lunch will be served Mondays through Friday for all departments. 

Can I sign up for pizza day only? 

Yes, we will offer a pizza only option on Fridays. The pizza-only option includes:

·      Gan-5th Grade: 1 slice of pizza, fruit, vegetable, and milk 

·      6th-8th Grade: 1 and ½ slice pizza, fruit, vegetable, and milk 

At this time, we do not have the option to order more slices.

How do I register for the hot lunch program?

If you are interested in hot lunch for your child, please fill out the following form:

·      The hot lunch sign up form

Will there be free breakfast and snack? 

This year we will be able to offer free breakfast and afternoon snack to all students no matter their income level.

Are you able to make accommodations for allergies and or food intolerances?
We will work to provide reasonable accommodations for medically diagnosed allergies. Some accommodations that we are able to make are providing dairy free milk, and gluten free breakfast and snacks. If you child has a  medically diagnosed allergy it is very important that you submit both an allergy action plan and a diet modification plan.

What is the school wellness policy?

Please click here to view our school wellness policy.