School Philosophy: 

Cheder was opened to provide a true Torah education for our community’s children. Our mission is to guide children in developing their love for Hashem, Torah and Yidden. To do this we look to Torah not just for the context of our learning, but for the methods and beliefs by which we teach.

  1. אין העולם מתקיים אלא בהבל פיהם של תינוקות של בית רבן- our world exists on the breath of young children alone:

We see children as more than important people in our lives; they are integral to the existence of our world. 

  1. Our Torah was given to us only when our children were presented as guarantors, that they would learn Torah. We therefore believe in our children as capable learners who play a central role in continuing the legacy of Yiddishkeit.
  2. חנוך לנער על פי דרכו Instruct a child in his way: 

It is now commonly accepted that not all children of the same age learn at the same pace or in the same way. We strive to highlight the unique strengths of every child, and to help each one become an independent thinker.

  1. בכל מאדך – Serve Hashem with our whole selves: 

We believe a child needs opportunities to learn using multiple modalities. We encourage children to be active learners, to manipulate materials and to use their senses to investigate. 

  1. The Rebbe has guided us in understanding that the education of our children begins before birth. The home then becomes the nucleus of the Jewish learning experience. We see Cheder as the extension of home. Our focus is on reflecting the home environment and the values you work so hard to nurture within.  We incorporate the child’s home language, Jewish culture, and individual interests in our daily lessons and activities to encourage a pride in the values they are taught from home.


  • 2007- Started with 12 preschool aged children
  • 2008 – Moved to a bigger space behind Bais Lubavitch
  • 2009 – Boys Elementary school was started
  • 2011 – Girls Elementary school was started
  • 2012 – Moved to current location at the Beth Jacob Campus on Park Heights


Cheder Chabad now calls the former Beth Jacob building home, with ample space for growth into the future. The preschool is housed in the ground level of the synagogue building, and the elementary boys division is upstairs. The girls school is located in the former Beth Jacob Hebrew School.